Helmet Fast Care

The Spintek Helmet Fast Care may be used in all kinds of helmets, from motor racing,
motorcycling, or other sports such as cycling, water or snow sports. It is also useful for
helmets used as Personal Protective Equipment in different areas, for all helmets
might accumulate sweat and dampness within the fabric or material inside.

How does it work?

The interior of the helmet is prone to the proliferation of germs, bacteria or fungi, which produces bad odors and accelerate deterioration of materials and fabrics. This product uses ventilation, ozone and ultraviolet light for drying, reducing agents that cause bad odors on helmets.


Ventilation promotes the drying of the helmet, stimulating the circulation of ozone air inside it.

Ozone System

The ozone system eliminates the bacteria, germs, or fungi from the sweat accumulated inside the helmet.

Ultraviolet LED Light

The UV LED Light and the ozone air eliminate odors from the use of the helmet for long periods.

Helmet Fast Care BAG

The SPINTEK Helmet Care Bag was designed to transport your helmet. It carries the same device and operation: inside ventilation, ozone air and ultraviolet light, promoting the maintenance of the quality and original characteristics of the helmet internal materials, increasing its durability. It can be used anywhere, just plug it into a socket.

Design, Product Development and Technology

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